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   Browning Automatic Transmission Service est. 1976 and Jack's Auto Sales est. 1966 was founded by Jack Brown. Throughout the years he raised seven children and is a proud grandfather of 16 and great grandfather of 11. Today three of his children work at his shop. Jeff Brown 50 years of age; ASE certified and Lincoln Tech graduate with 34 years experience. Joe Brown 35 years of age; ASE certified with 20 years of on the job experience. And Jackie Brown 24 years old, his youngest daughter; ASE certified with 8 years experience. Also grandson and son of Jeff Brown Sr, Jeff Brown Jr; ASE certified, graduate of Honda, Kia, and Audi service schools with 12 years experience. Jack has been building race boats and selling cars since the 1950's and won the Chesapeake Challenge in '87, '88, and '89; as a result of this his love of racing rubbed off on his children!
   All the employees of Browning Automatic have been raised in the auto industry and with hard work and lots of ambition we too have put our mark on the performance world. From Jackie (a.k.a.) Lil Jack with her 1988 corvette and love of race boats to Jeff Sr who has built serveral race and high performance street cars. His first was a '67 Camaro RS/SS with a corvette camshaft, slapper bars and a four speed. He built that car his junior year of high school in 1976. After graduating from Lincoln Tech in 1979 he opted for a fairlane and then built a 1923 T-bucket from scratch. Next was a '69 Nova that went from stock to 10:08 in the 1/4 mile. A back half chassis and small block Chevy on alchohol pushed that all steel car to 140mph. Then was a '89 Dodge Daytona that started as a front wheel drive turbo and ended up a full tube chassis small block Chevy rocket. He also built a Chevy S10 street beast with $4500.00 budget. Now he is master minding a '84 Camaro with a 950hp big block from the ground up. Joe has had his share of performance cars also, from a '79 Trans Am to a '71 Mustang and finally a '69 Camaro that was a race car he has converted to street use. With an overdrive and full interior it's a bad@$% show piece going to numerous car shows and the Ocean City rod run on five occasions, no trailer here we ride all the way. Jeff Jr also had a few performance cars but now his passion is motorcycles, with a Harley Davidson he is customizing. 
   The history of our personal vehicles will show you that we are not only good at what we do, but that our love of cars is why we work so hard together to provide you with the best vehicle repairs possible at the lowest prices.  

 Jack Brown

Jeff Brown Sr

Joe  Lil Jack

Jeff Jr

Questions? Call The Brown's at 410-355-9576 fax 410-354-1720

We are independently owned and operated!

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